Wedding Favor Ideas & Trends

Weddings favors are an item that are not on every bride and groom’s checklist, but they are a simple and elegant way of thanking those who came to your wedding and reception. In years past, wedding favors were cute little boxes with sugar cubes in them, because back in the day, sugar was an expensive commodity and denoted class. Over the years, it has become tradition to give sugar coated almonds instead of sugar cubes. But, today, wedding favors are not confined to almonds. In fact, they are most often there to make a statement on the couple’s interests and personalities. Here are some fun ideas for favors for your guests:


Candles are making a huge comeback. They are integrated into decor and are seen in many types of centerpieces and miscellaneous decor pieces. Candles are becoming part of a take-a-part centerpiece where guests can take pieces of the table centerpieces as their favor from the wedding. This allows your centerpieces to do double duty and makes your budget go twice as far.


While little trinkets make pretty favors, they are often thrown to the trash, never to be seen again. Give your guests something useful – something that they will be able to use over and over or display in their homes.  Photo frames, coasters and note pads are some useful favor ideas. Resist the urge that you might have to engrave your name and wedding date on the item. Chances are your friends and family members will not display that in their homes if your names are plastered all over it.

Couples are now choosing to spread the message of a clean environment. From elegantly packed seed packets to little potted herbs, these green ideas are making waves in the wedding industry.


One of the most popular wedding themes this year as relied on rustic and vintage touches. Going along with this theme you could do mini lanterns, watering cans, or homemade soaps and jams.

Or... Skip It

Weddings favors are not a necessity. If you decide that it is not in the budget or you just can’t come up with an idea that you really like, your guests are not going to leave the wedding feeling slighted.

Favors can be displayed or left in many places throughout your reception. At a sit down dinner reception your favors will typically be left at each guest’s place setting. For a more informal reception, the favors may be displayed at the guest book table or at their own display table. Whatever your favor is and however you decide to display it is completely up to you. There is no set standard! Have fun with your favors and let the creative side of you out. Let the personality of you, as a couple, shine through and your guests will enjoy their favor that much more!